Here at ShelbieShue I make much of simple, everyday joys. Finding the incredible in the ordinary. Viewing life and motherhood through the lens of joy, seeing profound beauty, and gaining peace throughout the mundane.

I hope to spread cheer and gratitude. Sharing ideas, mantras, goals, hearts, and our lives. Establishing community and highlighting the gold within us all. Telling stories that resonate and invigorate, bringing calls to action and seeing transformation. Finding friendship, risking failure, and becoming great.

I am entering the tenth year of marriage to my high school sweetheart, Jeb. Together we gravitate toward adventure – living overseas, traveling the world, and experiencing new cultures. Our greatest adventure has grounded us more than we expected — our three little ones: Cade Davis, Owen Crew, and Charis Wynn.

Now I find myself immersed in minivans, splash pads, Texas heat waves, and endless car seats. Chubby little hands and three big personalities. I’m a mom who has super hero days and then pajama days. The woman who loves where she is, understands the privilege of what she does, and yet still longs for more.

At ShelbieShue it is my heart to bring peace, hope, and camaraderie. I’d love for you to come, join in, and share!