Birthday Party Fun! The funniest thing about me writing this post, is that in the beginning I couldn’t see the point in having a birthday party for a one year old. I know, I know, that sounds awful and harsh and so un-motherly. But, I tend to gravitate toward practicality and couldn’t come to grips with going all out for a toddler. That being said, I went all out. At least in my own way, for my super-special little man!

We hosted a little shin-dig at our community park/playground that has a pavilion. It was a perfect spot with plenty to do to entertain the little ones. Leading up to the party, I wanted to showcase each of Cade’s monthly birthdays. (To be honest, I was just proud that I remembered each month and kept it up all year!) But, it was also a really fun and simple way to track his growth and little changes. Using the same patterned paper I made a simple garland of pennants to spell out “Happy 1st Birthday Cade!” I might try to incorporate this as a little tradition for each year, who knows!

birthday party overview

I love to bake. And, I wanted to have an assortment of hearty, homemade goods. Note: I was also expecting temperatures in the mid 40s or 50s. So, the hot cocoa bar and hot tea section were going to compliment the robust and flavorful autumn desserts. Too bad the temps neared 90 and we were sweating under the pavilion! Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely not the chilly afternoon I had hoped/planned for! We had large glass containers filled with Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies. My favorite dessert was Cade’s cake (well, not the one he would taste!) which was an Apple, Walnut Cinnamon Cake with Butter-cream frosting. So yummy!

Apple, Walnut, Cinnamon Cake

Okay, the last food-related rambling! I also made soft pretzels. Like the ones from the mall. I must admit, the party guests totally missed out because these things were so delicious right out of the oven. I had to promise to only eat two. And then four went missing… But, warm yeasty, salty bread right out of the oven… who can resist that? Especially after taste-testing the cookies?!

There’s more birthday fun to come! Be thinking JUMBO balloons!

Recipe Links:
Soft Mall Pretzels
Applesauce Muffins – I “tweaked” this recipe to make it more of my own.
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies


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