Since the temperatures have been hovering in the low 80s for most of the week despite it being mid-December, Fall has officially arrived to Houston! As we welcome this new season and the changing and falling leaves, we had a little fun in the backyard. I sent the boys on a scavenger hunt for leaves as I gathered a few {simple} paint supplies. I’m sure you can tell by now, that I’m not afraid of a little mess, albeit mud, dirt, paint, or other typical fun, messy kid-stuff! So, I didn’t prep our space or put down any protective mats, but you totally could. Use a cut up trash bag for a tarp or better yet, a disposable plastic table cloth would be great!


I like saying yes to our kids as often as possible, especially when it comes to outdoors fun or imaginative play. There are plenty of times and reasons to say no, but I was feeling especially generous this particular day and we went for it. Paint all the things! As a final step, we did leaf impressions in a “field journal.” Everything is so much more fun when it has an interesting name! This step was mainly to get all the goopy excess paint off the leaves and my porch so it would have a chance of drying!




Need a fun and inexpensive craft for the upcoming holiday break? Paint something. Anything. Paper, canvas, leaves, bark, rocks, sticks… Who knew it could be so much fun to paint nature? Plus, I’m sure you already have all the supplies you’ll need. One last thought, aren’t Owen’s chubby hands the cutest thing ever? He’s about to turn into a little boy right before our eyes, so I’m treasuring the last of his chubby cheeks and dimpled hands!

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