May is a hectic month. Well, can we really coast during ANY month as moms and wives and sisters and friends? I mean, really. There is always so much going on, but this month has felt especially draining. It’s the end of Cade’s first baseball season, the last month of his kindergarten career, and with school wrapping up, Mother’s Day being around the corner, and a few projects that I’m finishing, it’s been a bit of a logistical nightmare. Plus, I am questioning every. single. thing. on our calendar and I’m pretty sure it’s driving my insanely patient and intelligent husband mad, because we basically keep rehashing the exact same conversations.

Have you read much about the four tendencies and personality types by Gretchin Rubin? She’s the best-selling author of The Happiness Project, and Better Than Before. After listening to her interview on a podcast, I couldn’t wait to read up on her studies. It’s so fascinating, take the quiz, if you’re into things like that ( I TOTALLY AM!), and then let’s talk about what you found out about yourself. Here’s the gist, people tend to fall into one of four categories: Upholder, Obliger, Questioner, or Rebel. In short, an upholder accepts rules from an external or internal source. Obligers will accept outside rules (think coaches, teachers, boss) but rarely follows through on self-imposed rules. A Rebel doesn’t accept rules from any source, and a Questioner questions the rules and only accepts them (from either source) once it makes sense. For a Questioner, it’s a complete judgement call.

Here’s another example from Gretchin Rubin: “An upholder can train with a trainer or exercise on her own; a questioner can do either if he thinks it makes sense; a rebel will do neither, because the fact that she has an appointment or an item on her to-do list makes her want to disobey; an obliger can meet a trainer, but can’t get to the gym on his own.”

Y’all, this is my LIFE. I am questioning everything and can’t turn my MIND OFF. It is working on overdrive. So, clearly I am a questioner. Last week, in the midst of this cycle of calendar-muscial-chairs we were offered our friends’ beach house for the weekend. It was like a huge PAUSE button had been pressed, peace overwhelmed me, and finally it was easy to make decisions again. We said an eager and thankful, “YES!” and then proceeded to cancel our other remaining plans. Below I have a few suggestions on the FIVE BEST THINGS TO DO IN GALVESTON AT THE BEACH. Please note, these are tongue in cheek, somewhat! 😉

  1. Go to the BEACH – Sit on the sand, walk in the water, listen to the waves, take in the sights and the sounds.
  2. Build a SANDCASTLE – Dig in the sand, move it around, and pile it up. Play is stress relieving and so soothing.
  3. Get some VITAMIN D – Lather on the sunscreen, and the protective sleeves and then soak up some sun, but do reapply your sunscreen.
  4. Collect SEASHELLS – Be on the hunt for treasures, and fill up a bucket with your loot.
  5. SPLASH in the waves – Run and jump and play and then sit and relax and read.

Getting out of the house dressed, with shoes for each child, isn’t always a big deal, but it’s the sometimes that keeps you guessing. So, in preparing to GO TO THE BEACH, I was thinking, yes, SIMPLICITY, we will read and sit and watch our children frollick and laugh with glee. It was a bit more stressful getting out the door and loaded, but once we were there it was great. A much-needed change of pace for our family. Nana, thank you for the countless ways you lead and serve. We love being with you.





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