sevenmore1Our sweet friends, Josh and Debs Walker have a heart to serve Houston. They love people so well and have a deep seeded desire to see transformation and wholeness in the lives of all they know and love. 7MORE is one of their ministries and outlets for serving our city, and more importantly, the people of our city. Each week they, along with others, greet ex-offenders coming off the bus from prison into reality. It is strikingly apparent those who are ex-offenders, because they are usually wearing ill-fitting clothes and carrying around a red mesh sack with their belongings.

When you purchase a 7More t-shirt, you are providing clothes and a new bag for one person. But, what’s more is you are providing dignity and a new start as they embark on life outside the prison walls.

Give dignity and hope for a new start

From the 7MORE website: There is an old story that tells of Jesus being asked how many times we should forgive – the law at the time was that you forgive no more than seven times – Jesus shocked everyone by saying forgiveness shouldn’t be counted – forgive seven more times – forgive seventy times seven times. 7MORE is about giving another chance.

If you’d like to purchase a shirt, please click here or visit the 7MORE website.



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