Here’s a quick rundown of the top posts for January – side note: Can you believe that we’re already a month down in 2016?? I personally started the new year with such gumption and have since curtailed a bit of the enthusiasm. Sickness kept us confined, which during the winter months isn’t too much of a stretch, but Houston has been having some glorious 60 and 70 degree sunshiny weather that was beckoning.

PEACE series – I wrapped up the final installment this month. Thanks for all the encouragement! The feedback via Instagram and email has been wonderful. Thank you for your affirmation, support, and for walking this journey with me!

If you’re already an Amazon user, consider shopping via AmazonSmile, their charitable site that offers the same products and services while giving back a percentage of every sale. You are able to choose your favorite organization from over a million registered NGOs.

Some of my favorite bracelets!

On the Horizon


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