Hi Friends!

It has been too fun to be able to gradually update my website and begin implementing a few design things here and there. You may have already noticed a little opt-in box. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I am offering two different designs for your devices. One is affectionately named “Waves” and the other is “It is Well,” for obvious reasons. Upon signing up you will receive immediate access to download the digital files. There is a print option and also sizing for each of your devices.


Both of these phrases are imprinted in my heart and mind. I talk a little bit about that in this post. The overarching theme is that God is powerful. God is able. He is for me and will sustain me. Even nature bends and obeys His voice. And also, when we believe and fully trust His character all our external circumstances can’t compete with the peace within.

So, which do you prefer? The landscape or the typography option? I’d love to hear your preference in the comments!

*Also, if you’d still like access to the downloads but are already a subscriber, email me: shelbie@shelbieshue.com and I will send you the files! Happy Day, Friend!!

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