Hi Friends! I just reread a few of my journals and found such encouragement in the pages. Below is from December 2014, just after Charis was born. If you find yourself in a new stage with work, family, or relationships, treat yourself kindly. Extend yourself grace and look back with gratitude and joy. //

 Baby Charis in a bonnet.  
My heart is full and my eyes are tired. Like crazy, can barely keep them open, tired. Our month-long experience with three little ones has been amazing and incredibly difficult all at once and spread throughout the long, never-ending days. 

In a recent text to my girlfriends this is what I said, “Yall!! I wanted to throw in the whole “parenting” towel before I even got out of bed this morning. Literally. Like wanted to just hide from the littles. I’m not sure I should be allowed to parent before 10am on most days… Also, Cade built a pillow fort in the living room with a post it on the “door.” He claimed it said, “All the people not allowed in!” I’m right there with ya, buddy. 🙂 Hope you can laugh at my misery and relate!!!!”

Anyone, anyone? Can I get an Amen?!! The somewhat funny part in all this is that I’m actually faring BETTER than I imagined. The transition, recovery, tiredness, breastfeeding, chasing down two boys… The entire lot of it has been far better and even more rewarding than I could ever have hoped. And, while I’m sure this is sounding so paradoxical, wishy-washy, and probably like a hormonal spaz… it’s true. 

All the ups and downs, glorious moments of pure sweetness and total “togetherness”, the spurts of productivity, and the tantrums, fatigue, messes and absolute no plans for dinner – all combine to form our life. Grace-filled days of loving, cuddling, training, disciplining, too much tv watching, fort building, mud slinging, treat making, happy memories. And, I’m trying to be thankful. Fostering an attitude of thankfulness transforms me out of my limited, precise moment and gives me a much larger perspective. Overall this produces a much happier and calmer Mama. 

While the parenting three kiddos is still quite fresh, I’m pleasantly surprised at our adaptation. Praise God for His mercies that are new every morning and for the grace to roll (read: fall) out of bed each morning and throughout the wee hours of the night. 

I know we’ve all heard, “Comparison is the thief of all joy.” I agree and want to comment a bit on this. I was pregnant with our third right alongside some other amazing women, all at varying ages and stages. Some were carrying their first baby and at six months pregnant still weighed less than my pre-preggo self! Bless them. Others had extra help at home to ease the stresses and burdens of managing a house and keeping it tidy. Still others were relocating, moving, working right up to the delivery day. 

What I’m saying is we all have moments of greatness when we look and feel great, have a pulled together outfit and a matching bubbly attitude. When we have the energy to converse with other adults and randomly have all the ingredients to whip up an excellent dessert to share. When those moments happen to you, glory in them. Feel great! But also realize when you see others in all their “glorious-ness” it’s also just a moment. No one is able to sustain it all, all the time. So rejoice when others are at the top of their game for the night and understand that the next day might just be a pajama day for the entire family!

// Photos are of Charis wearing my baby bonnet and sweet gown. She was three months old in the photos. 

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