Warm Winter Weather


For me, this is everyday joy. Finding the incredible in the ordinary, seeking out fun and adventure in the midst of routine, and enjoying every last second of daylight with my people. We ventured outdoors for a family bike ride, and then again for a friendly soccer match. Our main motivation on the second go-round was to run the boys to the point of exhaustion so Jeb and I could walk slowly, hold a conversation, and decompress a little. Such fun. Such ease.


Little Miss doesn’t miss a beat. She was running around kicking the soccer ball and even stole it from her brothers a few times! All around families were connecting and laughing. Kids were running wild, kites were overhead, and I just relished in the simplicity of being outside and having a ball. I tend to over-complicate most things including a trip to the park. Jeb made the executive decision to keep most of my preparedness in the van so we wouldn’t be pack mules heading to our spot!! (Side note: changes of clothes are necessary, snacks are mandatory, quilts are optional, as is water, apparently!!)


I usually just carry my iPhone around and am pretty okay with the turnout. Those pics are mainly for memory’s sake and to include in mini family albums. But, I decided one item that I was willing to cart around this day was my big girl camera. I don’t nearly pull it out enough, but when I do I am again reminded why I love this medium of art so very much. Below are my favorites after our long, leisurely park day.

cdk-1 cdk-2 cdk-3

I just can’t even. I love this so much. The brightness and gold flecks in his eyes, his chapped lips, red cheeks and sweaty hair. This is him. Wearing his Daddy’s cap, telling a story, looking directly at my eyes, with a stare. Not unfriendly but also not yet disarming. Man, I love this one something fierce.

ock-1 ock-2

Owen found this Hulk mask and loved it! It smelled, was slightly damp, and generally grossed me out. But, he was having a blast, so I rolled with it. My favorites are his eyes. It’s rare for me to capture them so clearly with a full on stare because he’s almost always on the go. My love! Sweet, sweet expressions. I focused on my boys and will need to snap some of Charis next time. She was on my hip during some of our soccer game and the giggles, claps, and belly laughs were too cute!

Does your family have a favorite spot? Tell us in the comments where you tend to gravitate! Parks, trails, creeks, beaches? I’d love to know.

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