On the last day of March, the kids and I loaded up for a spontaneous trip to see some Bluebonnets. I packed several outfits per child, multiple shoe options, plenty of leftover Easter candy, and one LARGE iced tea for myself. I mean, how difficult is it to take photos of three children – five, three, and one in the outdoors, an hour away, whilst missing naptime?! Call me crazy, but I love these types of photos. The seasonal progression types. Don’t ask me to locate the ones from one or two years ago, but they are there… somewhere on that external hard drive!!


I have learned to keep very low expectations when it comes to photographs I capture. When I focus my attention on piquing their interests, asking them questions, and not directing the show, I usually find a handful of decent candid shots that fulfill my wishes! So much better than the former me who stressed about each outfit, laid down the law about what shoes and collared shirt to wear, and forced smiles while making them sing nursery rhymes and balancing on one leg. Alright, so that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure my mom performed a great half-time show behind my camera, without any bribery!

bluebonnets5 bluebonnets4

Our overcast day turned brutally hot and we had direct sunlight for most of the afternoon. Since I’m now the practicing, “super chill” and go with the flow Mom, (so totally not, but trying!) we rolled with the punches, downed bottles of water, and hitched a ride on the Gator/Mule/Ranger/Polaris/Kubota. Thank you Gari for your kind and generous hospitality. We loved the ride and needed to retreat to your beautiful home after!


At some point, the boys shed their button-downs, and roamed free! Cade picked flowers for us. Owen took a ride on his pedal tractor and we called it a day.



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