I truly believe my one year old pulling every clean towel within reach out of the linen closet is a joy. It’s not something I’d encourage her to do, but I look upon this scene with a smile. Full disclosure – there wasn’t even a sigh or a head-shake involved. PROGRESS, Friends. I’m learning, maturing, and getting better at this “go with flow” that is parenting thing. The surprising fact is that it literally took her 30 seconds to accomplish these shenanigans. Since I’m feeling really honest here, I’m going to let you in on another little tidbit. My floors are clean. This bathroom floor my daughter is all over, is actually clean. That isn’t a given, folks. But, on this day they were “clean.” I use the quotes, because my form of “clean” differs from most!


My word for 2016 is RELEASE. Release control (exhibit A, up top), release anger, release the illusion of perfection. And also, be released into more: more fullness, more of God’s presence and joy. There’s still so much to think about in terms of release, and I’m sure it will be a year-long process, but I’m excited to see where it leads. Have you done this before? Jeb and I started praying and thinking about a yearly theme a few years back and I’ve only realized this past fall that it is a whole “thing!” If it’s a new concept, you are basically prayerfully considering a direction of focus for your upcoming year. We use it as a filter, of sorts, for opportunities and commitments. What’s your word for 2016? Or, your top goal/resolution? Share in the comments so we can rally together, move forward, and celebrate the victories!


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