Finding, compiling, and putting together Valentine’s cards is usually a bit hectic at our home. We’re coming off Owen’s birthday highs and then whip it into high gear for classroom parties, teacher treats, and special Valentine’s for classmates. It’s enough to make my head spin! Thankfully, with both moms nearby we usually have an extra hand to pull-off all these events and special moments!

Because my kids morph into hyper-active, ridiculous, and out of control tiny humans at the ingestion of sugar, I tend to forgo the sugary sweets for their cards. There are tons of super cute ideas using fun sayings to correspond to candy, but I just can’t introduce any more sweet into their bodies for my own mental health!!! Ha! With that being said, I like to find non-sugar related Valentine’s that are just as sweet (see what I did there?!).

If you’re last minute, like me, and need a quick printable then look no further! At the bottom of this post are two generic versions of my boys’ Valentine’s. You’ll need individually wrapped or boxed Goldfish and a package of tiny dinosaurs. I can usually find the dinosaurs in the birthday favor section of Wal-Mart or Target, or at our local Dollar Store. Amazon also sells them (Package of dinosaurs). To make the dino version even simpler, use a quick strip of washi tape to adhere the dinosaur to the paper. I wish I would have thought of that when we were assembling. (Thanks, Mom for finishing Cade’s cards!!!)


There you have it! Our simplistic, non-candy Valentine’s. What are your traditions for Valentine’s Day? Do you handmake your cards or pick out a special design at the store? Is glitter or glue involved? I’m not that adventurous, yet!

Download the cards (Four to a sheet, Print on cardstock, Cut, and Assemble.)
Dinosaur Valentine’s
Goldfish Valentine’s

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