Finding Strength in God

Last month Jeb and I spoke at our prayer service. It was a rich time of prayer and worship. I love walking in to a space and feeling the presence of God; it’s so peaceful and calming and restful. I couldn’t help but smile as I felt waves of goodness wash over me… and that was just upon entering! Nothing had actually started! So often in the hustle of our everydays we forget to pause. To breathe deeply, and notice. That evening, I was able to be fully present, unencumbered, and place my focus on God. One of the things I shared was a note from my journal. It may be an encouragement to you too. It’s written from God, the Father to you:

Come. Come to Me. Sit in My presence and find rest. Rest for your soul and mind. Let all the worry, all the busyness wash away and bring to Me a sacrifice of praise — a heart of thanksgiving and a mantle of praise. Praise Me in the midst of all you are enduring. In the midst of unknowns and in the midst of impossibilities. All things are possible with Me. Seek Me, you will find Me and I will give you rest.

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