It’s only fitting that the first installment of ShelbieShue FRIDAY FAVES should be a calendar and planner. As a strong systems and structure person, I can’t say enough about the Day Designer or its founder, Whitney English. I’ve been following Whitney’s brand for years and have had every new product she releases. It’s that good. She knows her paper, has a simplistic and chic design aesthetic, and the functionality is unmatched. Her extensive knowledge in goal-planning and vision casting through to implementation is fantastic. I’m sure you can tell that I’m a huge fan of all things Day Designer. Last fall she partnered with BlueSky to have a more reasonable and accessible collection at Target. I’ve had those too! Her latest endeavor is a new format, the A5 planner and binder system with loose-leaf inserts. I was purposefully online for its debut and can’t wait to have them in hand.

frifaves_daydesigner3If you’re a planner nerd like me, weigh in on what works best for you. Are you an all tech planner person, with all your devices synched or do you need pen and paper to get all your thoughts and plans out? I’m a bit of both, but always gravitate to PAPER when I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Sometimes you just need to write things out for it to make sense!

Day Designer website // Photo from the Day Designer website

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