Another girlfriend is having a baby in early April! Spring is such a great time for new life! All of nature is declaring it as well. Anyway, Krista’s sister-in-law, Mackenzie and I hosted a special shower for the new mom. I designed the invitations based on the color scheme of the nursery. By the way, I somehow didn’t get a good picture of the Expectant Mom, so just imagine a gorgeously tall and slender woman with a little basketball bump for a tummy and a bright smile. 🙂

There was so much love and excitement that went into making this a special morning for Krista. We enjoyed an assortment of sweets and treats brought by family and friends. Mackenzie made the adorable diaper wreath and we had each guest pen a blessing or prayer for baby Cason. The “Welcome Cason” frame and cupcake toppers matched the invitation design and the table decorations. We printed little sayings from popular children’s books and also Scripture highlighting the blessings and joy of babies!

I almost forgot to mention my special little helper. We had him packed in with all the goodies and supplies!

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