With Owen’s arrival, we had a blast reading all the texts, Facebook likes, comments and Instagram oohs and ahhs. It’s amazing how social media really can connect you with loved ones and cherished friends both near and far! Because of Instagram, an online photo-sharing and social network service, I was able to connect with Crystal, one of our first friends in The Woodlands! She asked if I’d like her to stop-in at the hospital and take a few photos. Of course!! I couldn’t turn that down! We hadn’t planned on having professional photos of Owen’s delivery (although I would LOVE that, possibly for the next one(s)!), and since he was born at 3am, we were doing good to be awake for it all!!

Anyway, Crystal and I texted back and forth and she stopped by the hospital. In the moment, I felt a bit grimy and gross and really had no expectation for these pics. I knew I would cherish them later, but I really didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal. BOY was I WRONG!! In twenty minutes, she took amazing pics of our new bundle and I am so thankful to have these! They are just beautiful! She emailed me a few web versions practically as soon as she made it home and I ordered prints via my Walgreens app to have framed in our nursery for our homecoming!! It’s amazing how productive you can be with an iPhone! owen_birth

Crystal has recently begun her own photography business, Serendipity Photography by Crystal. What joy she captures! She’s also on Facebook – Serendipity Photography by Crystal. I am so thankful for these beautiful images of our baby boy and LOVE that the process of this priceless gift was so easy and peaceful. Crystal, thank you! I think you’ve found your gift, passion and a piece of your purpose!!

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