Happy Birthday, Owen Crew!

You came into this world like a rush, full throttle, but then rested easily and peacefully on my chest for the following hours. The same is true of you today, three years later. You are full of excitement and love to jump “Monster Machine” style, but you are also intensely sensitive and aware. In the same breath you announce, “I’ll punch you in the face,” and also, “Mommy, will you cuddle with me?” Of course the intonation in your voice is just as telling as your big baby blues. We’ve dubbed quite a few of your attitudes and voices as “Bull-dog” and you love being Rubble on the Double, but here lately “Wildman Kolby” has been making appearances in the form of sporadic and spontaneous dance parties!


Owen Crew, you are a delight. Our latest morning routine involves you sneaking into my side of the bed just after Dad leaves for work for some extra snuggles. At night you refuse to wear any pajamas, so by five o’clock you’re basically a Popsicle and crowd in close for warmth. Before you drift back off to sleep you hug my neck, kiss my face, and thank me for letting the “puppy dog” in the bed (with a scrunched up face and crinkled nose – the look you give when you know you’re getting away with something!).


Bud, we love you. Thank you for being our laid-back, funny guy, who eats everything set before you. You most definitely move to the beat of your own drum and don’t usually get in a hurry over anything, but we’re okay with that. (Well, I’m working on being okay with that… especially during our family bike rides…) You are passionate and observant and are becoming quite the storyteller, like your brother. I love that you aren’t intimidated by people and love to pray. I can’t wait to see all that emerges from your steadfast energy. Great things will unfold before you, my love, and we’ll be here cheering you on!

Just for grins, here are last year’s photos. Those curls!!


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